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Data Analytics Provisioning, Importing, Extracting and Manipulation (BIDA405) is part of the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics series at the University of Victoria’s Division of Continuing Studies (DCS).

The course registration page: Data Analytics Coding Fundamentals

Course description

This course will explore the fundamentals of coding and scripting for Data Analytics. You will develop the ability to script and code for basic tasks in Data Analytics in common data analytic tools such as SQL, R, Python, and Excel. This will allow you to import and export data appropriately and perform fundamental data manipulations and to automate basic analysis elements.

Learning objectives

  • Construct complex scripts in R, Python and JavaScript to solve problems

  • Apply appropriate safeguards for data privacy and security

Perform the following basic tasks in R, Python, and JavaScript as appropriate:

  • Import and export data

  • Clean data

  • Compile data

  • Extract data

  • Manipulate data

  • Prepare data for visualization and reporting

Course materials