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Developing a Data Analysis Toolbox (CDSC) is part of the Certificate in Community Data Science program, at the Simon Fraser University’s Continuing Studies.

The course page: Developing a Data Analysis Toolbox

Course description

The array of available data analysis and visualization tools, coupled with the rate of change and innovation in this field, can be daunting. Within the framework of the Certificate in Community Data Science, this course is a survey of available data analysis tools. You will be introduced to various data analysis and visualization software packages through demonstrations of, and exercises using, introductory functions. In doing so, you will learn of the relative strengths and challenges of a given tool. This survey approach will acquaint you with options upon which you can independently develop your professional practice. The objective for this course is to enhance your curiosity about, and confidence with, new software rather than develop mastery with any given tool.

Led by Craig E. Jones, the course draws on the expertise of other instructors. This page is for the second full day of instruction, introducing the participants to R as part of the data science toolbox, with an emphasis on RStudio and the tidyverse packages.