Continuous Learning in a Time of Continuous Change

This blog post is a long-form version of the talk I gave at the Statistical Society of Canada conference on 2022-06-03, one of the invited panelists on "Maintaining Relevancy Through New Tools, Data Science and Data Visualizations". Abstract Continuous Learning in Times of Continuous Change It’s a universally accepted truism that we live in a time of unprecedented change, both in terms of the magnitude and the pace of those changes.

Always a learner be

Or, another thought provoked (History 5702W) At one point during during the seminar of authoring tools in the History 5702W seminar (see Reflections on History 5702W), the discussion turned to complexities and difficulties associated with learning all the new tools available to researchers. Examples raised in the conversation included the myriad flavours of markdown, the additional layers of pandoc, the variety of tools that allows various reference styles to be incorporated, ad infinitum.

Reflections on History 5702

I had the pleasure of speaking to the History 5702W graduate student seminar at Carleton University in Ottawa this morning (2016-01-25). Led by Dr. Shawn Graham, the seminar is on "Digital History (or, an introduction to hacking as a way of knowing)". My presentation covered three different research projects I've been involved with in my professional life at BC Stats, British Columbia's provincial statistics bureau. My intention was to introduce the students to the fact that the methods they are encountering in their digitial history class are being applied in a variety of contexts outside the academy.